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St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center

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Spiritually Centered Man

Spirit-Nurturing Ecclesiology Approach

At St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center, we believe that attending to the spirit is an important aspect of achieving overall health. Our staff takes an ecclesiology approach in Weirton, WV, to promote healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. We also offer mineral analysis and family pet services so that we can help everyone in your home live healthily.

Educational and Informational

Our facility's products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Instead, we offer them for practical support, educational purposes, self-help, and historical uses only.

Any service or product offered at this facility, which may refer to a body part or body system is for functional support of that reference only. It does not imply treatment or diagnosis of such body parts or systems.

Additionally, any service or product for your pet is not intended to replace veterinary care. If your pet has an emergency, contact your veterinarian or nearest emergency animal clinic.